Cheap voip calls from mobiles, yuck!

Let me be honest, I am struggling here.  I have a Nokia 6234 and Skype running on WinXp but no matter which “solution” I try it just does not seem to work.  The first app I tried was MINO.  This J2ME app sets up a connection to a landline, rings my phone back and then… nothing.  I cannot hear the other party and they cannot hear me.  And now I have tried a couple of Skype plugins.  First came EQO which just sits there “connecting”!  And finally VOX for Skype which seems to want me to sign up to SkypeOut and SkypeIn and probably SkypeLeft and SkypeRight (given half a chance).

One thing all of these have in common is a poor description of the processes and tasks that need to be done to acheive success.  This is despite some flashy flash sparkle.  They seem to be have some difficulty explaining what the basic setup process is and what user/s should expect as an experience.

I will keep trying with these since the potential is huge, but if you have not had a go yet then do not expect it to be a painless experience.


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