Having fun with my Nokia 6234

I recently “upgraded” to this phone with a new contract, and am very pleased with what it can do.  What I did not want was to waste money on a phone with lots of irrelevant ring tones, games and god knows what else, and on the other hand my ideal of a high-end pocket-ppc or equivalent seemed too pricey.  This Nokia 6230i or Nokia 6233 lookalike has a lot in it that fits my ideas surprisingly well.

I can take good quality pictures, play music (though actually I listen to words rather than music most of the time), manage my contacts through Windows and sync via outlook (washing my mouth out with soap as I type) up to GoogleMail, look at GoogleMaps, the list goes on.  What I have not been able to succeed in as yet is successful VOIP calls.  All attempts have failed, but I will keep trying.

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