A new era? World Democracy

Is a World Democracy taking shape? Let me first define what I mean by World Democracy, or rather what I do not. World democracy is not something easily controlled by political parties, of whatever affiliation or size.  Similarly it is not owned by large and multi-national business, nor is it controlled by governments, whether first, third, nuclear-powered.  And neither does the Church (of whatever affiliation) get a look in.

What does get a “look in” is people power.  I am talking about projects like YouTube, ebay, epinions and more especially projects like Digg.  What these projects do is allow you and me to rate and prioritise what we see as important and useful. Not only that when something is inappropriate that is flagged up as well.

In this new world reputation is everything. Reputation is the notion of how many supporters you have – how many people vote for you.  But Internet reputation also works against you – that is people can vote against you – something traditional voting mechanisms leave out!

What stung this thread into action was http://www.videothevote.org which is an initiative to help ensure that an abnormal voting incidences in coming elections in the US are recorded by people on the ground.  This is an amazing initiative since it will not be easily controlled by “larger forces” and will allow one and all to see aberations.

This is a true force for democracy. It is easy to imagine that in future a wide range of “normal” people will use their mobile phone and digital cameras to record and widely distribute to a worldwide audience incidents of all types.

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