Now I don’t take drugs but some people obviously do

In fact according to Reason Magazine 6.3% of US citizens over 11 admitted to taking drugs.   If you hypothesis a possible further say 6.3% that did not admit then 12% of US citizens could be active drug takers.  What does this say about anti-drug taking offensives when possible 1 in 10 might be taking drugs?  To me it says that the war on drugs is a good idea, but fighting drug barons is a pretty useless tactic when there is such an obviously high demand.  If you takeout one or two drug barons they will simply be replaced by others.  The only tactic that can work long-term is to reduce demand.  And I do not see that easily happening when budgets are more easily obtained to fight a well-defined target such as a a drug-supplying country compared with a nebulous target of the US population where “freedom” is a word that is possibly over-used to defend lifestyle.


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