Protect yourself from salmonella – buy UK eggs

According to DEFRA report 1 in 30 imported egg boxes contain salmonella, increasing to 1 in 8 if those eggs are bought from either Spain or France.  Here are some guidelines you can use to help stay healthy:

  1. Simply avoid salmonella poisoning – buy British, since nearly all British eggs are salmonella free!
  2. Avoid buying eggs from local shops & markets since these are likely to be imported.  Personally I do not like this idea since it hurts the small trader, but…
  3. Avoid pre-made egg sandwiches since these are more often than not made with imported eggs,
  4. Longer term we should put pressure on supermarkets such as Sainsburys, Tesco and the Co-op and food producers to say where there eggs come from with proper labelling on food products that contain eggs
  5. Actually if you take the wording literally – simply don’t eat the boxes 🙂

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