The National Trust – living a lie?

Many UK citizens belong to and/or support the National Trust, a popular organisation that looks after homes, gardens and land of historical value to the country. Right now the organisation is promoting a make-over via its magazine, one that promotes a stronger emphasis on the environment and climate change issues.

In all this the National Trust is seen to take a largely reactive position, hardly ever is it seen as a pressure group trying to move forward challenging agendas, rather it looks like a cosy fireside discussion group served with tea and cakes. Such an attitude leads the trust into paradoxical positions. For example the magazine is saturated with holiday adverts and lots of these involve flights. For example there is one with tours of China.  But what better way to damage the planet is there than to promote and support flights for largely recreational purposes?

Surely if the National trust is to shed its 19th Century look and feel it is the time to develop a campaign running along the lines of the anti-smoking campaign similar to “SMOKING KILLS“, with a planet health warning along the lines of “FLYING KILLS” aimed at flights for leisure and holiday reasons.  All adverts promoting flights for leisure purposes could then carry this “FLYING KILLS” global health warning.  In doing so surely the National Trust could dig itself out of its quaint fireside bucket and become a real organisation for a better world!

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