The Teams

Here is what i think the teams doooooo

  • Aidtally – Where aid adds up
  • basekit – try to drum up support
  • DeepMemo – think about playing chess
  • Entrip – Rip things ten times!
  • Fdream – A new size of paper
  • Kyko – Knowledge Yin, Knowledge Out
  • MobClix – Tapping the heads of mobsters
  • Quillp – Willing your P’s and Q’s
  • Saplo – When your strength is sapped, you feel very low.
  • Scred – Scared Stiff!
  • Soup – Mine, mine, minestrone
  • Soylent Systems – Green with Envy
  • SpeedSell – When learning to drive, you only have your “L” plates on for 1 day maximum.
  • Stupeflix – Watching stew being cooked at the cinema
  • TickerTXT – Being stung by flies flying vertically down
  • Toksta – Learning baby talk
  • ThoughtTrail – Seriously The Pennine Way is not in London
  • TripWolf – Wild dog needs new legs
  • UberVU – Looking at London from the top of the London Eye
  • Uniki – If I lose this one and unique key then how on earth am I going to unlock my bike!
  • Yoose – Mees and
  • Zoombu – Surprising Venture Capitalists in the London Zoo.

(only joking)


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