Surviving recession

Whether you are in a safe job, or not in a job at all we all keep our eyes on the worsening global economic slump.  As such if you are in a safe job then this is no time for complaceny, if you are in a precarious position such as having lost or about to lose your home then this is a time to act.  So what can you do?

My first advice is to learn to give.  That may sound completely at odds with reality, but online services such as freecycling are one great way to do begin to do this.  By decluttering your home not only are you helping others who are possibly in a worse position than yourself, you will feel good about this and also if you have to leave yor home then the costs of removal could be less.  Not only that if you have less property then if you have to downsize then you can more easily fit into a smaller home!

If you lose your job then consider voluntary work.  Even if you only work part-time this gets you out of the house, keeps you motivated, builds new contacts – and it gives you a that same sense of giving.

Remember nothing builds your own confidence better than realising that there are others in far worse situations than yours – and that you are helping them in your own small way.

Then obviously you must learn to shop smarter.  In previous recessions we had less options for looking good without having to spend a relative fortune.  Suppose you are going to a job interview then getting a smart suit can be done very cheaply at a range of shops, whereas in previous recessions you might have had to spend a lot of money (relatively) to get you into smart clothes.  Also many employers these days have more flexible dress codes.

Growing your own is obviously a great way of staying healthy.  It gives great exercise, provides first class nutrition for little cost and is totally purposeful.  As part of this moving towards a vegetarian diet will reduce your costs not only in terms of buying food, but also in cooking costs and cleaning pots and pans.

Think about what you can do to build your own business.  Think about out what you like doing most – and try to make that into a business.  If that doesn’t work try something else.


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