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The Teams

Here is what i think the teams doooooo

  • Aidtally – Where aid adds up
  • basekit – try to drum up support
  • DeepMemo – think about playing chess
  • Entrip – Rip things ten times!
  • Fdream – A new size of paper
  • Kyko – Knowledge Yin, Knowledge Out
  • MobClix – Tapping the heads of mobsters
  • Quillp – Willing your P’s and Q’s
  • Saplo – When your strength is sapped, you feel very low.
  • Scred – Scared Stiff!
  • Soup – Mine, mine, minestrone
  • Soylent Systems – Green with Envy
  • SpeedSell – When learning to drive, you only have your “L” plates on for 1 day maximum.
  • Stupeflix – Watching stew being cooked at the cinema
  • TickerTXT – Being stung by flies flying vertically down
  • Toksta – Learning baby talk
  • ThoughtTrail – Seriously The Pennine Way is not in London
  • TripWolf – Wild dog needs new legs
  • UberVU – Looking at London from the top of the London Eye
  • Uniki – If I lose this one and unique key then how on earth am I going to unlock my bike!
  • Yoose – Mees and
  • Zoombu – Surprising Venture Capitalists in the London Zoo.

(only joking)


Now the real challenge begins…

Startup Financing Cycle

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My esteemed colleagues were voted the best startup at Seedcamp in Berlin last Friday.  As always with startups it seems like one step forward and ten steps back!  Well last Friday we made a huge step forward with our GroupDNA and TickerTXT project.

SeedCamp has a great concept of how votes are cast, which is that each authorised attendee has a vote.  Sadly I was unable to attend due to committments elsewhere butwe now go forward to the next stage in September, and that I will attend.  Between now, and then there is much work to do.

So I guess no change there!

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